We Offer The Following Services:


Preventative dentistry

Regular examinations and cleans

Emergency dental assistance

Minimal intervention dentistry where possible

Aesthetic Dentistry

Clear Advice

We try to help you through 3 simple steps:


  1. Initial assessment. When you come through our doors for the very first time we will first thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and whole mouth and give our assessment of what your general dental health is. This will include giving you advice on what might be urgent that needs prompt attention, what can wait, and things that could become an issue later.

  2. Dental treatment required. Depending on your situation that might mean requiring fillings,  sometimes crowns, or if you are ‘lucky’ or very good at maintaining your teeth, just requiring your teeth cleaned by our dentists. If you have fear of dentists let us know so we can make the experience more comfortable for you.

  3. Preventative care. After each session we will explain to you what we have done, and if we have identified any further areas of concern.  We might ask about your diet and lifestyle to see if anything can be improved, to help you to need less dental work in the future.

That is it. If you have any questions or would like to have a comprehensive assessment of your dental health just contact us.