Q. How often should I have my teeth examined and cleaned?
A.You should have your teeth checked and cleaned at least TWICE a year. Sometimes you need to have your teeth cleaned more often if you have a high risk of progressive gum disease. Regular dental exams and cleaning visits are essential in preventing dental problems and maintaining oral health. Problems can be identified early with minimal intervention, before having a chance to progress.
Q. Why is it important to floss?
A.Brushing our teeth helps remove food and plaque from the surfaces of the teeth it reaches but not in-between the teeth. So essentially if you brush your teeth but don’t floss them, you are only cleaning half of your tooth and the other half not at all. As one dentist would say to his patients: ‘Only floss the teeth you want to keep’.

Sometimes using interdental cleaning brushes can be more effective method of removing harmful plaque, depending on your mouth. We will advice you what is most effective for you.

Q. What kind of filling materials do you use?
A. We prefer to use tooth colored fillings (composite resins, glass ionomers) for most fillings. Tooth colored fillings are accepted as the standard of modern dentistry as they are more natural- looking and aesthetically pleasing than the silver (amalgam) fillings. They are more conservative,  requiring less tooth reduction, compared to other filling materials.

Q. What is the best way to whiten my teeth?
A. We recommend the home whitening system as we feel this is the most effective and safest way of whitening your teeth. We take a mould of your teeth, and send that to our Melbourne laboratory to form custom-fitted mouthguards(trays) for your mouth. We will then give you comprehensive instructions on how to use the whitening kit. The trays are used to place the bleaching gel in your mouth for 30 – 60 minutes once a day for approximately two weeks. If you wish to re-whiten your teeth in 18-24 months time (depending on how much coffee, tea, red wine etc you consume) then all you need is a new bleaching kit as you already will have the custom-made trays at a fraction of the cost..
Q. I grind my teeth at night. What can I do?
A. Many of us grind or clench our teeth (we call it bruxing) and many are unaware of doing so. Bruxing (clenching and/or grinding) can cause enormous damage to the teeth. It can cause excessive tooth wear, tooth fractures, hypersensitivity (where even drinking tap water can cause pain), tooth mobility, pain on chewing, facial pain and the list goes on. While the causes of bruxism is largely unknown, we can help protect your teeth by making a custom made mouthguard ( occlusal night splint ) for you to wear at night when you are unaware that you are grinding or clenching. The night splint is worn either over the top or bottom teeth and acts as a barrier between the teeth, offering protection from the bruxism. We take moulds of your teeth and send these to our local laboratory to have your night splint custom made.
Q. What happens if I have a tooth-ache?
A. Please call our office as soon as possible and we will try and fit you in on the same day or the following weekday. The earlier you call, the easier it will be for us to fit you in on the same day.
Q. How can I improve the appearance of my smile?
A. There are many cosmetic dental procedures that can improve your smile. Each person needs to be assessed and depending on each person’s expectations cosmetic dental treatments can change your smile dramatically. Sometimes this may involve bleaching your teeth or simply restoring one or several teeth. Cosmetic procedures include:

-Teeth whitening through bleaching

-Composite (tooth-colored) veneers which are bonded onto the tooth surfaces. Normally, no or very little tooth reduction (cutting) is necessary. The composite filling material is bonded onto your tooth surface and build up to the desired shape and length. This procedure is carried out in one visit and can have instant cosmetic results.

-Porcelain Veneers are thin custom made porcelain casings that fit over the front of your natural teeth.  They normally require some tooth preparation to allow for accurate seating of the porcelain veneer and create a natural looking smile.

-Crowns(caps) are tooth-colored custom made coverings that encase the whole tooth. They are ideal for teeth that have large, broken or fractured fillings.

Q.Do you use any overseas laboratoratories?
A. We’re pleased and proud to assure you that all our laboratory work, such as ceramics, crowns, bridges and dentures are all constructed right here in Melbourne.
Q. I am pregnant. When should I have dental treatment?
A. You can come in for a consultation anytime, especially if you require urgent attention. Elective treatment may be delayed until mid-trimester or post-natally.
Q.When is the best time to for my child to start seeing a dentist?
A. We prefer to see children at around 2-3 years of age. Of course earlier, if you have any concerns. Although children may not allow us to examine their teeth at this age, it allows them to become familiar with the dental enviroment and we will reward them for any positive behaviour, even a ride in the chair. Once they are more familiar with us, children gain confidence and a preventative regimen can be embarked on.